Friday, 23 January 2009

The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast And Easy

Hi my name is matthew mcelhinney and i think the best way to lose weight is a proven method because i have done it myself and had a significant weight loss and maintained it, keep to these 3 steps below, and i gaurentee you will start loosing weight.

Dont think your over weight? Get naked and jump up and down in a mirror then come back and read this blog.

Step One

First i went online and bought a helpful product it is not a miracle worker, but it helps try the one below, have a read if you dont like it, shop around there are great products on the internet. This product naturally helps your digestive system digest your food more frequently and makes you a whole lot healthier.

Step Two

Second was the food intake if your serious about losing weight you have to kick out the junk food. Stay away from sugared drinks stick to water, and visit this site for healthy eating methods, dont forget do not starve your body by not eating, because when you do eat, the body will store every bit of fat and carbs in that food, because it will think it wont get any more for a while, eat 3 healthey meals a day and dont eat after 6pm.

Step Three

Excercise is the biggest one, you have to burn off more calories then you intake, i am going to list some useful methods on loosing weight:

1. gym
2. swimming
3. walking/jogging/running
4. housework (cleaning up)
5. Nintendo wii Fit
6. home workout videos
7. kickfit classes
8. at home light weights
9. running up and down the stairs
10.playing sports - tennis, football etc.

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